Custom Silver Lalique-inspired “Haunted Souls” Pocket Watch


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Product Description

This amazing pocket watch was custom made for a client who wanted a piece of gentleman’s jewelry for his Victorian styled live action roll-play costume. The client wanted to replicate a famous pocket watch, known as the “haunted souls” watch, made by esteemed French jeweler Rene Lalique in the 1890’s (see attached image of the original watch). To keep the project affordable we sourced an original silver key-winding pocket watch from the late 1800’s that was in excellent condition instead of making one from scratch. We then went about creating a custom lid that would be similar to the Lalique original, yet have some character of its own. The design was first carved in wax, then cast in sterling silver, then the fine detail work and oxidation was completed by hand and fitted to the watch. The client was able to modify the design and check our progress at every stage of the work. The end result is certainly one of the spookiest and most interesting projects we have ever created!

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