Custom Rose Cut Labradorite & Diamond Ring

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This stunning vintage-styled ring is centered with a large rose-cut Labradorite. Labradorite is an unusual member of the Feldspar family, so it is a cousin of Moonstone. It is known for it’s shimmering effect (aka Labradorescence) which causes green and blue colors to flash across the surface of the gem. Most people who are familiar with Labradorite think of it as a more common semi-precious gem, but they are quite scarce in fine quality. This gem is a great example: it is transparent, an even grey color, with a bright aqua colored flash roving over its surface. This gem is rose cut, which means it has added facets on top to give the gem more sparkle. We set this in a custom made mounting which uses a rectangular halo of Diamonds to frame the center stone. The shank of the ring and halo are detailed with intricate pierced carving and milgrain work which give it an Art Deco vibe. Magnifique!

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White Gold