Custom Platinum Engagement Ring with Oval Diamond Halo


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What do you do when you inherit two rings with amazing gemstones in them? Design one amazing ring to set them both in, of course! The client who inherited these gems had them in their original mountings which she didn’t particularly care for. She wanted to set them in a more modern mounting, and in a way that would allow her to wear them more often. She worked with one of our designers to create a single design, inspired by 5th avenue jewelers, that would incorporate both stones. Thus this two stone ring was born. The gemmy emerald cut Emerald is set north-south, while the pear shape Diamond is offset at an angle to the Emerald for intentional asymmetry. The rich green glow of the Emerald contrasts with the sparkle of the Diamond, and they both look richer against the bold yellow gold backdrop. This is a stunning piece on the hand and one that certainly does justice to these top quality gemstones.

Details: 18k yellow gold ring set with 1.75ct emerald cut Emerald (Colombian, oil only) and 1.00ct pear shape Diamond (SI1 H, good cut).

This unique item was custom made for a client. Please contact us to create something similar.

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