Custom “Detachable” Pendant in White Gold with Various Gems


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Product Description

This custom pendant is a part of our Detachable Collection, and was made for a collector client who wanted to show off some of her amazing gemstones in a versatile and affordable manner. With our Detachable system, we work with our client to design an attractive pendant base (see last image) which contains a hidden locking mechanism. This allows different gems to be suspended from the same base. Thus the gold and Diamond portion is only purchased once, and then all we have to do is mount the client’s gems in prong settings to make them wearable. This concept is ideal for clients who have a large collection of gemstones that they want to wear, who love to accessorize with different colors, or who want to re-purpose heirloom gems & Diamonds in a new way.

In this particular pendant, we used the client’s princess cut Diamond in the pendant, then created Detachable drops featuring a violet Iolite, golden Topaz, and mint Aquamarine that she had collected through the years. Now she is able to wear and enjoy her collection in an elegant pendant.

Details: 14k white gold Detachable pendant set with .40ct princess cut Diamond (SI GH). Detachable drops: 14k rose gold with 7.60ct oval Iolite, 14k yellow gold with 2.64ct golden Topaz, and 14k white gold with 4.40ct mint Aquamarine.

This unique pendant was custom designed for a client. Contact us to create something similar.

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