Blue-Yellow Bicolor Sapphire Unisex Ring in White Gold


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This amazing Bicolor Sapphire is a marriage of two tones- a rich cornflower blue and a light lemon yellow. When the stone is viewed from the reverse, it is primarily the yellow tone with a streak of blue. The expert Sri Lankan lapidary cut the gem such that the colors blend when face-up, and they play in the light as the gem moved from side to side. We set this gem east-west for a more modern look on the hand, in a wide band mounting that could look great on a man or woman’s hand. The mounting is cupped underneath the Sapphire, providing a reflective surface that melds with the gem.

Details: 14k white gold ring with 2.62ct Bicolor Sapphire.

This unique item sold. Please contact us to create something similar.

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