Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring with Celtic Trinity Accents


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This stunning blue Sapphire solitaire is the perfect modern engagement ring for a client with Celtic heritage. The cool blue Sapphire is presented on a neutral white gold solitaire ring mounting that allows the gem to take center stage. The Sapphire was sourced from Sri Lanka and has that coveted “cornflower blue” hue that is a bright, pure blue with no modifying colors. Even more unusual is the round shape, with excellent cutting and brilliance, which is so difficult to find in natural Sapphires.

On either side of the center stone are Celtic trinity knots, aka triquetras, which are early Pagan symbols common in Scotland and Ireland. The trinity knot has been used for thousands of years and has had an evolving symbolism. In the early days it was thought to be associated with the Pagan goddess of war, the Morrigan. In the middle ages, as Christianity entered the Celtic kingdoms and morphed with Paganism, it came to represent the Holy Trinity. Many current wearers like to think of the knot tying together the land, sea and sky of the Celtic lands and representing the protection of the Triple Goddess. However you choose to interpret the symbolism, the trinity knot is an iconic emblem of Irish and Scottish heritage.

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