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Art Nouveau Rose Gold Lavalier Pendant with Enamel Leaf & Ruby


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This fabulous Art Nouveau necklace is a real find- and a survivor! The lavalier style pendant is crafted in gleaming rose gold, thus it is likely of eastern European or Russian origin, and completed with highly detailed enamel work and gemstones. The frame of the pendant is shield shaped, and filled with an ornate multicolored enamel leaf, which was crafted using guilloche enamel techniques. Essentially, the leaf was cast in gold, with detailing completed using gold wire over the top. Then, enamel was painted over the gold in various layers of color and fired to harden- a multicolor piece would often take weeks to make! Once complete, the jeweler then had to bezel set the red accent gem (while it looks like a Ruby, it is actually red glass, and period correct to the piece) and suspect a dogtooth river pearl from the bottom. For any antique enamel jewelry to survive is a rarity, but especially one of this finesse, and from the coveted Nouveau school of design. Simply magnificent.

*While many people are aware of the Art Nouveau movement its impact on society, it was a relatively brief artistic movement that did not produce a ton of material. It is far easier to find a good Victorian piece, for example, since the Victorian era lasted 6 times as long!

Details: antique 10-12k rosy gold lavalier pendant with enamel leaf, red glass, and dogtooth pearl, Art Nouveau c.1900.

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