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Antique Gold Locket with Diamond & Engraving Circa 1900


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No vintage jewelry gift is as timeless as a locket. Loved ones have been giving gifts of lockets since the middle ages; in Georgian times they would have been filled with a painted miniature of the loved one, in Victorian times (like this one) a lock of hair would have adorned the inside, to the modern ones which have a photo of the relative enclosed. These gifts represent the loved one, the family, as well as the sense of style that the pendant offers. In this Victorian locket, the reversible gold pendant is set with an antique Diamond on one side, and engraved with a monogram on the other. It measures an inch across and features an acid wash finish which gives it a soft velvety glow which is rich when worn. This locket is truly as wearable today as it was 125 years ago!

Details: British 9k yellow gold reversible locket pendant set with .08ct old Euro Cut Diamond (I1 J) and monogrammed, with acid wash, circa 1900.

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