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Antique Edwardian Opal & Diamond Clover Ring


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This beautiful Edwardian ring features a quatrefoil of natural Opals in a stylized four leaf clover design. While not as intricate as later Art Deco pieces, Edwardian and Nouveau jewelers working c.1910 brought a finesse to their craft that is unparalleled in pieces from other eras. This ring features the most delicate gold bezels, holding dainty pear shaped Opals, and even tinier platinum collet style bezels holding the diamond accents. All of whom are hand made yet perfectly symmetrical! The Opals are particularly gemmy, and make up in flashy color what they lack in size. The ring is in very good condition, with only minor wear to the milgraining of the bezels and to the British hallmarks inside the ring. As with all antiques, and especially Opal rings, we encourage our clients to wear them with care.

Details: antique Opal ring in 18k yellow gold and platinum, set with .68ctw pear shape Australian crystal Opals and .04ct antique Diamond accents, c.1910.

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