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Antique Carved Coral Cameo Pin Pendant Combo in Detailed Yellow Gold Frame

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This Coral Cameo pendant (or brooch) is one of the most exceptional pieces of jewelry artistry we have ever offered. The Cameo, featuring the bust of a Romanesque woman, is carved from Mediterranean angel skin Coral in beautiful pink, orange, coral, and cream tones. The carver was a master artisan. He oriented the Coral such that the face was carved from lighter area, the hair features light and dark tones, which all contribute to the three dimensional look of the piece. Furthermore, this carving was carved with more dimension than most, and seems to come alive and jump out of the piece. The Coral is set into a fine yellow gold frame which is also finished with fine carving work, featuring scrolls and classic design work of the late Victorian era. The piece is a good size, just over an inch long, so it can be worn as a pendant and would look great on a long chain over a dress or sweater; it features a secure clasp allowing it to be worn as a pin or brooch too. This was sourced from a two-generation collection of cameos, and comes with the original price tag from when it was purchased in the 1970s for the princely sum of $235!

Details: 14k yellow gold pendant brooch combo Cameo with hand carved Coral Cameo of a female bust, circa 1900. Measures 1.25 inches top to bottom.

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