5ct Trillion Cut Mint Tourmaline Solitaire Pendant


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If mint is your favorite color, this amazing green Tourmaline pendant may have your name on it. This slide-style pendant has all eyes on the triangular mint green Tourmaline. A color that is difficult to describe, somewhere between seafoam green and mint green, this fabulous Tourmaline dances from every angle. It is set with the trillion point down, which graces the neckline beautifully, with a hidden bail that can accommodate many chain styles and sizes. This Tourmaline is a great example of a type II gemstone where some inclusions are typical, but which do not detract from the beauty of the gem. In fact, the inclusions within the gem are more noticeable under studio lighting and photography than they are in person, where our precision cutting blinds the viewer with brilliance. This gem also has size going for it, weighing in over 5ct! A stunning piece.

Details: custom 14k white gold slide pendant set with 5.33ct trillion Tourmaline (mint green, African, untreated).

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