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2ct Ruby & Baguette Diamond Halo Ring


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This beautiful Ruby & Diamond ring is an exceptional item for many reasons. The modern mounting uses baguette Diamonds to form a halo around the gemmy 2ct oval Ruby, which is the star of the show. Rubies are incredibly rare in the 2ct+ size: the element chromium, that gives them the rich red color, also inhibits crystal growth. Most large Rubies on the market are lab created or heavily treated, so this natural heat-only gem is a true find. If you have been looking for a Ruby that is pigeon blood red- not pink, not purple, but red- this one fits the bill. Plus, the modern mounting is low profile and well made, tailored to the everyday wear of an engagement ring or right-hand anniversary ring. We designed this Diamond halo to look like a star, but in retrospect, it looks a bit like a rising sun too- no matter what you see here, the beautiful Ruby and Diamonds are captivating.

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