White Gold Engagement Rings are by far the most popular choice in both the USA and the UK. The choice of White Gold easily beats the Yellow Gold option in these two countries. While Yellow Gold is the most popular color for jewelry in general, White Gold is definitely the most popular choice when it comes to Engagement Rings.

White Gold Periwinkle Blue Sapphire Ring.

White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring.

What is White Gold? White Gold is an amalgam or mixture of Yellow Gold and other metals. Here’s a breakdown to simplify it for you:

18K White Gold will contain around 75% Pure Gold, around 10% Silver and 15% Palladium. All numbers are +/-.

14K White Gold will contain around 58% Pure Gold, around 30% Silver and 12% Palladium. All numbers are +/-.

10K White Gold will contain around 42% Pure Gold, around 18% Nickel and 10% Zinc and around 30% Copper. All numbers are +/-.

10K White Gold is readily available for those who wish to consider it, but with the prices of both 14k and 18k White Gold Engagement Rings being more affordable than ever, 10k is not often the ring of choice.

When being manufactured, if less than usual gold and copper are used in the mixture, the resulting gold will appear a little “more white.” White Gold is usually Rhodium plated and this process make the gold appear even more white. We have an excellent article on Rhodium Plating which you can find in our Jewelry Articles

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