White Gold & Diamond Sagittarius Brooch- The Archer Constellation


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If you were born between November 23rd and December 21st, this brooch was made for your sign! Crafted to perfectly model the Sagittarius constellation- which looks like an archer holding his bow and arrow- this piece is precise down to the last detail. Each star in the constellation is represented by a Diamond; the size of the Diamond corresponds to the brightness of the star, and the distance between the Diamonds is an exact scale replica of the true version one would see in the night sky. This fantastic piece of Zodiac jewelry was crafted and signed by AGA Correa in the 1980’s, but they are still manufacturing this piece today- retail price $5,300 for a new identical piece! Save thousands by shopping vintage, and own a unique piece of jewelry artistry representative of the Sagittarius astrological sign. Note- while this piece is a pin or brooch, it could be easily modified to be a pendant- if interested, contact us for details. Measures over 2.5 inches wide at widest point.

Details: 14k white gold Sagittarius brooch with .70ctw round Diamond stars (SI1 GH), signed AGA Correa circa 1985.

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