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This stunning Victorian engagement ring dates to 1880 and has an interesting design history. Following Prince Albert’s passing in 1861, half of the world went into mourning which lasted through the end of the 19th century when Queen Victoria passed away. Since Victoria was the world’s first celebrity, her mourning period was copied by other ladies in high society, and impacted all aspects of design. In jewelry, this period was known for more understated pieces, a fascination with the spiritual world and celestial bodies, as well as a deep sentimentality- which makes this ring’s design aesthetic make sense. The centerpiece of this item is a rare rose cut Diamond with a warm yellow undertone. Rose cutting means that the Diamond is flat on the back, then faceted and domed on top, which makes for a more understated stone. The ring is then engraved and detailed with vines of ivy swirling around the Diamond which are accented with black enamel. The Diamond, which is the most durable gemstone, and the ivy, which is the hardiest vine, both symbolize eternal love and fidelity. This ring is in original condition with some minor damage to the enamel accents; we will let the buyer choose whether the ring is kept as-is or we can discuss restoration options.

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