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Victorian British 15k Gold Pendant Locket, circa 1860


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Few pieces of Victorian antique jewelry have survived in the fine condition of this fantastic gold pendant, now 160 years old. This piece, crafted in 15k yellow gold is British in origin, and made circa 1860s. Britain was in mourning of Prince Albert in those years, and the artistic world was very sentimental. This item was crafted to look like a standard necklace, but hidden on the back is a locket of hair and the name of the wearer’s lover, Edward. This is not a mourning piece- it is not blackened, there are not the symbols or words associated with death- so we know that this was worn to keep a living loved one close to the chest. The front of the pendant is set with a star of blue enamel, with a natural Pearl set in the center. The star represented faith, God, and guidance for the loved one, who may have been overseas or working in a dangerous place. The outer frame of the pendant is decorated with fine gold wire, known as cannetille work. Dangling from the circular centerpiece is a pear shaped gold drop, though this is hollow and shows some minor wear. Overall the piece is very attractive and would look great on a modern neckline.

Details: 15k yellow gold pendant locket combo with half-Pearl center and blue Enamel accents, inscribed “Edward,” circa 1860’s. 1.75 inch drop.

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