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Round Teal Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents


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This teal Sapphire engagement ring is elegant on the hand while maintaining an air of mystery. Is that Sapphire green? teal? a blend of blue and green? This magical gemstone is a true mix of several colors: grey-blue, teal, and green, which blend, flicker, and shine at different moments within the gem. No matter the exact hue, the rich teal tones gleam from within the diamond-cut round Sapphire, which is set among a bed of top quality white Diamonds. The Diamonds serve both as sparkle and as a neutral backdrop for the unusual colors emanating from the central Sapphire. The overall profile of the ring, while a bit Deco inspired, has a modern look and a low profile designed for the modern wearer. This is a stunning Teal Sapphire ring- perfect for a more substantial engagement ring or a right hand option.

*True green Sapphire does not exist in nature. Microscopic bands of blue and yellow Sapphire overlap within the gem, blending to give the viewer the illusion of green or teal. Some gems have more visible zoning- we call them bicolors- others display more than one color at once, called particolors.

Details: custom 18k white gold ring set with .88ct round teal Sapphire (6mm, Madagascar, untreated) and .54ctw Diamond accents (VS-SI GH).

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