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Platinum Pendant with Orange Imperial Topaz & Diamonds


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This elegant platinum pendant is set with a classic example of Imperial Topaz. Imperial Topaz. only mined in Brazil, is the true birthstone for November. Do to its rarity, Citrine is often used in its place- but no Citrine has the luster of a Topaz like this! Gem connoisseurs may disagree about what color of Topaz they think is best, but there is no denying that this particular Imperial Topaz is a gemmy example of the classic color. It is a medium-dark orange color, with subtle peach and gold undertones. Due to the strong color saturation this gem exhibits color pooling where the gem is darker at the ends and brighter in the middle. Depending on light conditions, this gem picks up more orange or more gold- a neon color similar to Spessartite Garnet. The platinum mounting was made in Japan at some point in the last 30 years, and featured a rigid pear-shaped frame set with Diamonds around the dangling Topaz. For someone looking for a November birthday gift, this could not be beat.

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