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Mid Century Gents Ring with Amazing Silver Star Sapphire


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If you were a man of business in the 1950s nothing would have spoken to your success like a Star Sapphire right-hand ring. They became quite the status symbol, and as such we see mid-century star Sapphire gents rings on the secondary market with some frequency. That said, nothing prepared us for the exceptionalism of the asterism in this Star Sapphire. It has one of the strongest stars we have ever seen! Even in diffuse lighting, the star glows, but take it into the sun and the ring comes alive with an inner glow. Quite simply the finest grey Star Sapphire we have offered. The base color of the Sapphire is classified as grey, but it has silvery lilac blue tones which contrast beautifully with the textured yellow gold mount. The wide shank and inset nature of the ring are classic features of this era, and make for a comfortable and durable man’s ring.

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