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Jedi Spinel Filigree Engagement Ring


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You probably won’t need ‘the force’ when you propose with this stunning Spinel engagement ring, since the beauty of it is enough to elicit the yes you are looking for. This stunning ring was custom made as an Art Deco replica, inspired by the die-struck filigree rings popular in the 1920s. We made the ring new in white gold, with a cushion shaped halo of Diamonds at the top which surround the center Spinel gemstone. This stunning Spinel was mined in Mansin, Burma, one of two mines known for producing Jedi Spinels: neon red and pink Spinel. The term “Jedi Spinel” has murky origins, some say its due to the color of a lightsaber, some say it’s because the Spinels are so bright that they “have no dark side.” No matter the origin, the term “Jedi Spinel” stuck and these amazing strawberry red-pink Spinels are one of the most coveted gems in the collecting world. What this particular gem lacks in size it makes up in color, and it stands out from across the room. It is the perfect gem for this Art Deco inspired ring, and an ideal engagement ring gemstone.

Details: 14k white gold engagement ring set with natural .70ct cushion Spinel (neon pinkish red, Mansin, Burma) and .11ctw natural Diamond accents (SI2-I1 GH) with NAGL lab report #1085005.

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