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If you’re looking for a top quality Tanzanite ring, look no further. This ring is set with a AAA Tanzanite; a vivid color of Tanzanite that was mined in the first Tanzanite mine, known as the D-block. Gems from this mine were more saturated blue & violet than other Tanzanites. This mine is now exhausted, so we only find these GEMMY Tanzanites in estate pieces like this. The ring was made in the 1990s, and set in heavy, rich 18k yellow gold. It is flanked by a trio of fine white Diamonds on either side, which provide a neutral sparkle for the vivid violet Tanzanite. Like most fine Tanzanites, this stone is pleochroic- showing blue and violet at the same time. But like only the finest Tanzanite, this one shows more blue in daylight, and more violet in incandescent lighting (see last picture)- like the finest Sapphire. This ring is currently size 4 but easily sizable to any size.

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