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Edwardian Platinum-on-Gold Diamond Pendant


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This stunning Edwardian Diamond pendant is a staff pick, since it is such a perfect snapshot in time of jewelry history. The piece was crafted circa 1905-1910. We can date it precisely, since it was made after the discovery of platinum usage in jewelry, but before the equipment was invented that allowed an item to be cast in solid platinum. As a result, we see pieces from this era made in a highly complex manner, where a yellow gold base was topped with a sheet of platinum. Once the piece was assembled, the metal would have been cut to create the filigree, and the Diamonds would be set as the last step. Looking from the reverse once can see the patinated gold base layer, but from the front one only sees platinum & diamonds. In this case there are only two Diamonds set into the pendant but the metalwork and filigree make it sparkle like it is encrusted with Diamonds. This item measures just under an inch long and would be ideal dressed up or worn on a regular basis.

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