Custom Star Ruby & Diamond Gents Ring in Platinum


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This gent’s ring is truly phenomenal- it features a coveted phenomenon gemstone known as a Star Ruby. The Ruby grew with interlaced fibrous inclusions spanning from each side of the hexagonal crystal to the other. These form a network, such that when the light hits them, they disperse the light perpendicular to the inclusions resulting in a 6-rayed star. With Star Rubies clients typically have to choose between highly translucent gems with weaker asterism or more opaque gems with amazing stars. In this case our client wanted the star to take center stage so he chose an Indian Star Ruby that, while Opaque, has a rich maroon red hue and great star that makes it quite valuable. We then designed a heavy-duty mounting that can survive everyday wear on a pinky, crafted in with a squared ‘euroshank’ so it doesn’t spin. The Ruby is set in rich 18k yellow gold bezel while the remainder of the ring, and the Diamond accents, are set in satin finished Platinum. The client had his motto engraved inside the ring for good measure.

Details: custom platinum & 18k yellow man’s ring with 2.92ct round Star Ruby (India, Untreated) and .52ctw round Diamond accents (VS2 GH), 25g total weight.

This item was custom designed for a client and is not currently available. Please contact us to design something similar.

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