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British Antique 15k Gold Aquamarine Pendant


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This fantastic antique Aquamarine pendant is a relic of Edwardian Britain. A contrast to the wild Art Nouveau designs being made in Europe at the same time, the tastes in Britain were more conservative and tended more toward symmetry. One can still see the Nouveau influence, from the floral accents on the points to the organic materials used; but this piece is clearly a more traditional product. The center gem is a natural Aquamarine, bezel set, which is then surrounded by seed Pearls and gold work (flowers, wire filigree) which provide visual interest to the piece. This pendant is sizable, measuring almost 1.5 inches in total length, and would have originally been worn low, over a dress or blouse. We encourage the next owner to wear it in a similar style, or dress it up by wearing it on a shorter chain on the neck. This piece presents with good amount of gold, and would look great with other gold pieces in your jewelry wardrobe.

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