Art Deco Shell Cameo of St George in White Gold “Knight Slaying Dragon”


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From the estate of a renowned local Cameo collector comes this amazing piece of wearable jewelry art. The brooch/pendant combo was made circa 1925 and set into an Art Deco filigree frame of white gold. The Cameo is carved in high relief from brown and white shell and is one of the most unusual Cameo subjects we have ever seen: it depicts St George the dragon slayer in full glory! This Romanized version of St George is mounted on horseback, holding a lance, and in the process of slaying a mythical looking winged-dragon beneath him. In the story, the evil dragon terrorizes a village, and when they run out of livestock to feed it, they start giving it human sacrifices. Eventually, they choose a beloved princess to sacrifice. St George slays the dragon and rescues the princess, freeing the village from tyranny. This story was especially popular in the ,Middle Ages and Victorian Europe, so this fine carving may pre-date the rest of the brooch, but there is no way for us to tell. The cameo is large, and measures just over 2 inches long. It could be worn on a chain or as a brooch.

Details: 14k white gold pin pendant combo set with carved Shell Cameo, Art Deco circa 1925.

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