Art Deco Platinum Engagement Ring with 1/2ct Diamond


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Few original Art Deco engagement rings are in this good of condition. After 100 years and 3+ generations of wear, we often see these rings with damage or alterations that change their character, but in this case we have a true survivor. It even has the original fish-tail prongs and illusion head which hold a clean 1/2ct transitional cut Round Diamond.* Classic Art Deco platinum filigree work flanks the center diamond, with geometric shapes set with Diamond accents cascading down the side, all with perfect symmetry. The stair-stepped design draws the eye upward, and makes the center Diamond appear larger. The ring sits low to the finger but has an architectural look to the side profile which is classic of the period. This ring is contains a dazzling Diamond but is understated in its design, and would be perfect for everyday wear.

*Transitional cuts are one of the antique Diamond cuts. They have an open culet like Old European Cuts, but some of the more modern features of Round Brilliants that give them added sparkle- they were cut between the 1920s and 1960s, so this is an earlier example and original to the ring.

Details: 900 Iridium Platinum engagement ring with .50ct Round Transitional Cut Diamond (VS2 I, Good Cut) and .12ct Diamond accents, circa 1925.

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