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Antique Diamond Engagement Ring with Cluster Halo Design


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You are looking at a staff favorite here at FWC Jewelers. When looking at the photos, it’s easy to see the intricate details in this ring: how each antique Diamond is hand set, how the platinum is milgrained. However, once on the hand, all the eye sees is sparkle and a dainty gold shank- this gives the illusion of one huge Diamond sitting on your hand! Crafted around the turn of the century in platinum & gold, this ring is a hybrid of a halo ring and a cluster ring. A .08ct old European cut Diamond nestles into the center, but it is surrounded by a further .72ctw of old European cut Diamonds, all glistening from an ice-white platinum frame. If you’re looking for sparkle, look no further. Plus, since these Diamonds are individually smaller, they are able to sit lower to the hand, making this ring eminently wearable, a practical antique Diamond engagement ring. Easily sizable to any finger size, too.

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