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Three Stone Diamond Ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings are another popular choice when choosing your engagement ring. There are many ladies that do not want the traditional round diamond engagement rings, or a princess cut special. Three stone engagement rings also represent a degree of symbolism and possibly something particularly personal to the wearer. Depending on the  lady purchasing the ring, there may be other meanings attached to the ring. Generally, three stone engagement rings are said to represent the Past, Present, and Future – thus three stones. Perhaps a friendship or love and fidelity may come into it. These examples can all be used as representations in a ring. If this is so, then the wearer will not generally be broadcasting it, but merely keeping it private and to herself.

Three Stone Engagement Rings, however, do not have to be diamonds. You can choose any gemstone you like to create the ring you are after; it is more about your own personal

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Smaller Diamonds to the Side

Different Size Gemstones

tastes. (More about this below.)  This style of three stones can be just as attractive as a traditional rock sitting on your left hand. Perhaps your choice could be influenced by having smaller hands and fingers and this would make perfect sense, too. For those looking for a ring with deeper meaning, a three stone engagement ring should be at the top of your list of options to consider. But whatever your choice, whether sentimental or physical, we’ll bring you some info here about Three Stone Engagement Rings.

Three stone engagement rings consist of a center diamond flanked by two side diamonds, which accentuate the size and brilliance of the center diamond.The center stone is usually set higher to complement the side stones and add depth to the ring. Round or princess cut diamonds are the most popular choices for center stones. Most center stones are prong-set, basket-set or bezel-set, as these settings effectively distinguish the center diamond from the setting.

Blue Sapphire Supported by Diamonds - Three Stone Engagement Ring

Blue Sapphire Supported by Diamonds

There are many ways to create and personalize your three stone diamond engagement ring. One option is to go for three stones of equal size, or you could choose one larger stone in the center and two slightly smaller stones to support the main stone. However, the gemstones need not be diamonds. You could choose, say, your birthstone or favorite color

in different gemstones – as shown in the images to your right. You also have the option of choosing different shapes of gemstone to set into your ring. You can choose square stones, round stones, princess cuts and many more. The sky is the limit when choosing options for your beautiful three stone engagement ring.


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