A Natural Ruby and Diamond Ring in White Gold

A Natural Ruby and Diamond Ring in White Gold

Ruby Engagement Rings: The Ruby Gemstone comes from the corundum family of gemstones. Along with sapphires the ruby is considered to be the second hardest of all natural minerals, second only to the diamond. Corundum gemstones are associated with sapphires and their wide range of colors. However, the ruby is the only variety of corundum that is red in color. Any other colors of corundum should be classed as sapphires. We have some excellent articles on Sapphires and their Colors on our engagement ring menu page.

Color is a very important aspect to consider if you are evaluating a ruby. There have been many terms to describe the color depth of a ruby in the past including “pomegranate,” “saffron,” and “China rose,” to name a few. However, these color terms are not really recognized in today’s jewelry markets.

When selecting a ruby, the ideal will be a vivid, medium-to-darker red meshing into a purple-ish red tone. Many rubies today come from Myanmar (formerly called Burma) and these fine rubies tend to have a purple-ish secondary color. Other rubies, however, come from Thailand and these rubies tend to show a garnet-red-ish color due to their darker tome.

Vintage Style Ruby with Diamond Cluster on White Gold

Vintage Style Ruby with Diamond Cluster on White Gold

The most widely known countries of ruby sources are Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). However, Vietnam and Thailand, in Afghanistan, Africa, Cambodia, India, Kashmir, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States (North Carolina) are also notable resources.

Ruby Engagement Rings Meaning: Ruby engagement rings are generally thought to signify “desire, love and passion.” Tales from way back in the past suggested that the ruby was not really a gemstone, but more of a hardened fire that could set your heart on fire. A ruby is also said to mean a noble stone and along with love it is thought to offer peace and courage. In today’s modern world engagement rings with rubies are thought to represent “desire” through their deep red color. It is said that the ruby can settle fights between lovers – perhaps as peacemaker.

Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring: To be considered a Vintage Ruby Ring its age must be at least 50 years old to qualify. If you have a ring that is over 100 years old, then it can be considered as antique. There are many examples of fine vintage ruby rings being offered in today’s jewelry markets that have been passed down through the lineage of many families. However, not all families are interested in the sentimental value of grandma’s vintage jewelry and invariably they end up in the hands of the Acquisition and Estate Divisions of fine jewelry companies. Federal Way Custom Jewelers have been a major player in Estate and Acquisitions Jewelry markets in Western Washington since 1953. It doesn’t happen every time, but quite often a vintage ruby ring emerges from the days of yesteryear, perhaps from grandma’s personal treasures. We are then able to offer our customers some tremendous vintage jewelry, sometimes with provenance, or just a little history.

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