In this post we look at Rose Gold as the metal of choice for your engagement ring. Rose Gold is another amalgam of metals that are mixed to form the following:

Rose Gold Engagement Ring - Oval Solitaire Diamond

Typical Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

18K Rose Gold contains around 75% Pure Gold, 22% Copper and around 3% Silver. All numbers are +/-.

14K Rose Gold contains around 58% Pure Gold, 32% Copper and around 10% Silver. All numbers are +/-.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are easily discerned usually just by looking at them. Rose Gold is one of the “newer” types of gold and it has become quite popular in today’s modern world of jewelry.

Rose Gold is generally composed of a mixture of Gold, Silver and Copper and has pink-ish hue mainly because of the higher content of copper to influence the final result. Another variation of Rose Gold is what is knowns as Pink Gold. To achieve Pink Gold the Silver content is increased and the Copper content is decreased.

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