White Sapphire Rings: White or colorless sapphires are often used as an alternative to Diamonds in today’s engagement rings. However, it is important to note that while white (or colorless) sapphires do initially look

White Sapphire Ring - Trillion from Federal Way Custom Jewelers in the Seattle Metro area.

White Sapphire Ring – Trillion

to be diamonds, they do not have that same sparkle or brilliance of the diamond. White or colorless sapphires do have the advantage of maintaining a traditional look without needing it to be a diamond. But they are a good alternative nonetheless.

You might want to consider thinking ahead here… are you going to purchase a white sapphire in place of a sparkling diamond because of the cost factor, meaning you really would like a diamond but simply can’t afford it? If so, then from experience, we would strongly encourage you to stop and think hard about this. It may well be worth your while to consider how much a diamond ring would cost and whether it will be worth the effort of saving a little harder for it. As an alternative, you could get the bridegroom-to-be a second job in the evenings till you have enough.

Forgive the levity, but one really good alternative would be to contact us at Federal Way Custom Jewelers and ask for a little assistance in helping you decide. We are a friendly bunch and love helping people, and with no obligation whatsoever. See the links below.

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