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Platinum Engagement Rings – Are They Worth It? Platinum Rings generally cost a little more than their traditional gold counterparts. This is because platinum is generally heavier than pure gold – meaning it is more dense in its composition, so more platinum has to be used when making a Platinum Engagement Ring.

Platinum Rings are usually around 95% pure platinum. However, 18k gold contains only 75% pure gold. Platinum and gold may be similar in their prices per gram, but as platinum is more dense it tends to use much more platinum to get the finished product, thus it outweighs the pure gold content in comparison with the platinum. Thus more platinum equals a much higher price.

Some of the pros and cons of Platinum Engagement Rings: Platinum is a softer metal than, say, 14k white gold. Therefore it is more prone to scratching than 14k gold which is a harder metal. However, platinum rings tend to be more rigid and somewhat stiffer than the 14k variety thus they tend to hold their gemstone in place for longer periods of time.

In the long run, platinum costs approximately 45% more than white and yellow gold, due to the higher content of platinum required. This may be one of the reasons that Platinum Engagement Rings are less popular than the Gold Rings in today’s market. But as people tend to say: It is not all about the up-front costs! There are other variables that will factor into each lady’s metal of choice.

So are they worth it? As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the value of a particular ring will come down to the person making the purchase. She may have a penchant for platinum for reasons of her own, and if she wants platinum, she is going to get it. To most modern women, cost is far less important than the actual ring itself. Bridegrooms to Be will have a different viewpoint, of course, as they are the ones that are going to be forking up the cash for it. To the lady, if she wants platinum, then the cost won’t factor into the purchase. He will have to pay! But she might be flexible and cut him a break. Who knows!

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