In modern-day jewelry Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings are the most popular choice after the traditional blue sapphire. In recent years, many brides-to-be have chosen a pink theme for their weddings and have turned towards various shades of pink instead of the traditional white. Pink sapphires come in varying shades of pink – from a pale pastel-looking pink to very intense “hot pink.”

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring on White Gold

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring on White Gold

The cut of the pink sapphire does not actually refer to the stone itself, more to the facets on the sapphire’s surface – the top bit that faces you. The facets allow natural light to shine through the stone at its best intensity. In lighter colored pink sapphires it is important to have nicely cut facets to allow the light to cause the sparkle in your sapphire. If the cut of your sapphire is poor, then the pink sapphire will not have such a good sparkle to it. Each gemstone will be cut to retain as much of the gemstone as possible. A mixed cut will enhance the beauty of the color and retain the weight of the gemstone.

Many of today’s pink sapphire gemstones are coming from Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. Madagascar is truly the leader in today’s supply of pink sapphires. The quantity and quality are unrivaled by any other source, with most crystals having good clarity and uniform color. This makes it easy to identify a classic color associated with most Madagascar sapphires.

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