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If you are someone that likes to personalize your jewelry, but don’t have much idea on what to do and how to do it, stick around, as this page will give you lots of ideas and hopefully, get your thought juices flowing.

Many ladies might decide to personalize their jewelry box and leave the contents as is. Many, however, may like to personalize all their jewelry and put their own particular stamp on it. Some may be bold, yet some may be subtle. Here at Federal Way Custom Jewelers, we cater for virtually every sort of personalization request that you can think of. After all, we have been doing this since way back in the day – the 1950s to be exact – and we have not only the experience and the know how, but craftsmen trained in the latest techniques to ensure that you – the customer – gets exactly what you want. You do not pay an arm or a leg for this personalization service. It is all part of what we do to make sure that every customer is happy with what we do for them. We are in the business of making people Happy!

Whether you want to update your tennis bracelet or buy a striking new necklace, personalizing jewelry allows you to express yourself and tell your story. Whenever you celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a life transition, or just want to treat yourself, a custom jeweler can work with you to create the perfect design to commemorate the occasion. But what if you’re not sure what you want? Even an earring can be designed in a million different ways, so how will you determine what style best fits you? 

Here are a few things you should consider before contacting a custom jeweler, and how they can inspire you with their own collection and creativity:

Covering the Basics

Let’s start with the easy questions:

  • What’s the occasion?
  • What sort of piece would you like: a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, a ring?
  • Do you have specific gemstones or types of metals in mind? 
  • Will the design be from scratch or the modification of a piece that you have already? For example, if you’re looking to upgrade your wedding ring, are you keeping the band or the stones, and what sort of differences are you envisioning?
  • Or are you considering buying a new piece of jewelry and want you own personalized stamp on it from the get-go?
  • Or does a friend or loved one have some personalization that you would like to copy and have on your jewelry? This is where a series of pictures will come in handy to help the designer.

Get Inspired

Before going to your initial jeweler consultation, do some research to determine what styles you like or dislike. Narrowing down these designs will also help you figure out what kind of custom jewelry designer you’ll want to work with. When personalizing jewelry, here are a few sources of inspiration:

Pinterest Personalized Jewelry

If you’re trying to find styles and designs you like, Pinterest is the platform for you. Scroll through Pinterest’s personalized jewelry section and pin designs that catch your eye. The more you find – the better. Once you’ve pinned a couple dozen or so images, analyze your pins for any correlations or themes, or think about which ones you’re drawn to the most. Save this board for your consultation as well. 

Explore Instagram

Like Pinterest, Instagram serves as an amazing visual medium, and there’s a treasure trove of different jewelry designs to choose from. Search for them through a few common hashtags, such as #customjewelry, #personalizedjewelry, and #jewelrydesign.

Magazine Clippings

If digital isn’t your style, go old school and collect a scrapbook of various jewelry in magazines that catch your eye. Like with Pinterest or Instagram, go through it before your consultation and identify key themes or pieces that inspire you. 

Red Carpet Photos

Red carpets represent the who’s who of the fashion world as told on the bodice of celebrities. While taking this approach isn’t as efficient as going on Pinterest or Instagram, you can still have fun doing it. Save the photos you like and compile them into a folder that you’re ready to share with a custom jeweler. 

Research Designers

Once you’ve compiled a list of designs that catch your eye, look for designers that echo that aesthetic. Just because a custom jeweler is renowned for their craftsmanship, it doesn’t mean that you two will be on the same page. There are plenty of excellent jewelers out there. Make sure you find one that’s right for you. 

Final Note on Personalizing Jewelry

No matter what design you settle on and who you select to design it, make sure that the end-piece is something that’s going to speak to you. Personalizing jewelry is largely about meaning and connection. If you don’t feel some sort of connection with a piece, then it’s probably not worth buying. 

Take the time and due diligence required to find that piece of jewelry that speaks to you, and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t mean something to you on some level. You’re worth it.

While you are on one of pages, why don’t you contact us at Federal Way Custom Jewelers and find out if we are able to personalize your piece(s) of jewelry to match what’s in your mind’s eye. We are confident we can, so contact us, giving as much detail as you can, and let one of our experienced managers contact you and discuss your needs. There is no obligation whatsoever; in fact, we are a friendly lot and nothing is likely to be too much trouble for us.

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