Montana Green Sapphire and Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Montana Green Sapphire and Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

Green Sapphires in engagement rings are increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds. They have picked up a lot of attention in recent years and often look quite stunning as an engagement ring, especially the shades of teal, mint, and forest green that Sapphires are known for. Some of our favorite green Sapphires are from Montana, where teal Sapphire is most popular, but even Sapphire in shades of blue and grey have green undertones which make them unique. We also source green Sapphires from Africa, where Madagascar and Kenya produce totally natural gems that can occur in every shade of green, often bicolor Sapphire with multiple shades in the same gemstone. 

The green color of this gemstone seems to blend very nicely with popular colors of metals used in engagement rings, but especially yellow gold in recent years. However, some shades of green Sapphire look particularly good in white or rose gold. A green Sapphire engagement ring with no other complementing stones is a green Sapphire solitaire – as it is set on its own. However, as with most other styles of gemstones in rings, you should also consider one in a more ornate mounting. Sometimes we will set a Green sapphire three-stone ring or halo ring, since the white Diamonds provide a nice accent to the Sapphire. We especially enjoy working with fancy shaped stone, like a Princess cut green Sapphire, cushion cut green Sapphire, or round green Sapphire, as they fit into more custom or vintage inspired designs. Learn more about Princess Cut Gemstones.  This link is about Princess Cut Diamonds but the principle is exactly the same and will offer more information on the Princess Cut.

The Green Sapphire gemstone also has fascinating lore- it is a stone known to be very calming and soothing to the eyes. It is often referred to as the stone of tranquility because of its meaning which is hoped will bring loyalty and integrity to your life. It is also one of the good luck gemstones in some parts of South East Asia, especially when it touches the skin. Despite its general rarity and lore, it is still fairly affordable on the market. The green Sapphire price is lower than comparable blue Sapphires and similar to the pink or yellow fancy color Sapphires. Just as with any gemstone, large or especially fine examples cost more, but even good quality 1-3ct green Sapphires can be had in the hundreds of dollars per carat, as opposed to thousands. That said, a fine peacock hued blue-green Sapphire is coveted, and can cost two or three times the price of a mint green Sapphire. As with all colored gemstones, we recommend that clients view them in person to compare the differences in cut and color before they make a final decision. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about Green Sapphire Engagement Rings. This would be a good time to check out our prices and Green Sapphire products in our online store, or schedule a visit to view our larger selection of Sapphires in stock. 

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