In this article we take a closer look at Gold Plated Engagement Rings.

Gold plating items is done by coating a layer of gold on the surface over another type of metal underneath, typically silver. Generally gold plating is done to enhance the look of a piece of jewelry. Gold plating is an easy technique but the surfaces of all metals must be scrupulously clean to ensure maximum adhesion of the gold plating. In addition, since the gold plating will be continually rubbed and touched, in a ring it is considered a temporary finish. The only way to get a permanent gold color is to purchase a solid gold ring, though gold plated silver can offer a temporary solution.

14k Gold Plated Over 925 Sterling Silver

14k Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Some folks think that anything that is termed as “gold plated” will suggest that it is cheap and very affordable. In jewelry terms this could suggest that it is not popular, or that is regarded and cheap or something of lower quality. And all of these terms are correct in their own way. Suggesting Gold Plated Engagement Rings are not popular might be appropriate when comparing them with sales of 18k and 14k gold engagement rings. So of course, they will be at the bottom of the ladder in that comparison. However, we must look at all points of the spectrum here. While there are many young ladies that have affluent boyfriends who are willing to fork out several thousand $$$ for their intendeds, there are equally as many boyfriends that are not affluent. For those couples that are not too well-off they are going to go for the cheaper option of perhaps a gold plated engagement ring, or maybe sterling silver. That is all they can afford. They do, however, have a few options open to them, to be able to afford a better quality ring. One option is to ask the jeweler if he has a payment plan he can offer them. Why not ask? He may well have one and that will open up other avenues for you. A couple might decide they would like to to make payments before they choose the ring. That is one way of saving for a better ring for the intended bride. Another option, which the author likes – is to settle for a lower karat gold ring- like 10k- to start with. After all, being new it will look as good as anyone else’s. And aim to keep it for, let’s say, five years, or until such time as the boyfriend, or the couple together, can afford a better quality ring. Another option, if the engagement ring is very important to the intended bride above all else, is to ask the family to chip in. Explain the circumstances and ask both family members to chip in to help you afford a better quality ring, or even re-use a family heirloom ring.

Some visitors reading our articles might not agree with some of the proffered options, but they are just that: options and one of our suggestions may well give a lady some extra thoughts that she may not have yet considered.

There is nothing to be ashamed of by selecting a gold plated engagement ring. If that is all you can afford, then you have not a lot of options.

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