Diamond Engagement Rings – Oval, Round – From learning about the base metals available for your engagement ring and their properties, we can now move on and look at the choice of Gemstones that you might want to consider. There are lots of options available and  in our series we will be covering the most popular in today’s Engagement Ring market.

Diamond Solitaire Rose Gold Engagement Ring 1 CT

Diamond Solitaire Rose Gold Engagement Ring 1 ct

By far the most popular is Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring. This is the model where you can show off the “rock” sitting on your ring finger. A Solitaire ring will feature a single stone set and secured by four or six prongs. The stone would be either round or oval. This stone would typically be a diamond of some sort.

Why do we select a diamond to be our solitaire stone? A diamond is usually chosen because of its “wow” factor. The brilliance and elegance of a real diamond stands out above all others. Also one would generally consider a diamond ring to be more traditional and a solid choice. And diamonds are chosen far more than other types of gemstone. So, if we assume your choice will be a diamond solitaire ring, you will then be faced with a few more options: do you want a round diamond or an oval one? Either can be used in a solitaire setting.

Yellow Gold Accented Diamond Round Solitaire (1.5 ct) Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Accented Diamond Round Solitaire (1.5 ct) Engagement Ring

Another choice you will faced with is what carat would you like your diamond to 

be. This is a choice that will definitely be based on the value of the diamond. The smaller the carat, the more affordable the diamond. The higher the carat count, the more expensive the Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring will be. In general a jeweler would use the method of 4Cs: carat weight, color, cut, clarity. Using the carat size first, he would then look at the cut of the stone and form his opinion from there.

Carat Count: All diamonds are valued by their carat count and the cut. A typical carat weight of a diamond would range from half a carat to two carats.

Federal Way Custom Jewelers has an excellent jewelry article explaining the 4Cs

A final consideration perhaps could be the choice of gold band the diamond is going to be set it. A thicker gold band could possibly diminish the appearance of the diamond to be smaller, while a thinner band will have the opposite effect, thus enhancing the look of the diamond sitting on your finger, especially for ladies with smaller fingers. Another thing to consider nonetheless.

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