Our next option for you is Diamond Engagement Rings – Princess Cut. Unlike the Diamond Solitaire Rings, a Princess Cut is almost certain to be either a square cut diamond or one that is slightly larger than square, but both sizes having 90° corners. Princess Cut Diamonds are less expensive – by up to 30% – than the Round Cut in solitaire styles.

Princess Cut Diamond Shape Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond Shape Engagement Ring With Corner Prongs

Princess Cut Diamonds usually come under the category of “fancy shape rings.” However, Princess Cut diamonds will show exceptional brilliance, although nothing like the brilliance of a round cut diamond mainly because of the cut of the Princess. Given the lesser value of the Princess cut you are almost certainly going to get a “larger” diamond than you would with a round one. It’s another of the pros and cons features.

With the upper edges of the Princess cut culminating in 90° angles there is a risk that they may “snag” on clothes or other fabric items. And because of the 90° angles the corners are going to be relatively sharp, thus being prone to chipping and other similar damage. Because of this risk, the corners of a Princess cut diamond should always be protected by the prongs used to set the stone. Round diamonds do not have the same risks of damage as the Princess cut variants.

When choosing between a Round Diamond and a Princess Cut Diamond, we must also take “styles” into consideration. Round Diamonds have a standard traditional shape, whereby Princess Cut Diamonds are the most popular of all the “fancy shapes” available.

View of the Set of a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

View of the Set of a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Of course, you can’t consider different diamond shapes without taking style into account! Although round diamonds are a standard, classic shape, princess-cut diamonds are the most popular of the fancy shapes. They work well in many styles, including solitaire and three-stone engagement rings. If you are looking for a sleek, up-to-date, modern style then a Princess Cut may be for you.

A princess cut diamond will differ from a traditional round diamond by the way it is cut. It will normally be cut like an inverted triangle with the pointy-piece facing downward. You will see the crown of the diamond taking up the full size of the set top and from there the diamond will gradually decrease into an upside-down triangle, thus making the diamond not 100% solid in the ring set.

Princess cut diamonds can differ by the pattern on their top elevation (the crown and the part that faces up) as well as the number of cuts on the underside – also known as the pavilion of the ring. The crown of a princess cut diamond can have either French corners or Bezel corners. Since bezel corners are more durable, stick to this design unless you have a strong preference for French corners.

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