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Customizing Jewelry to fit your own tastes is hard enough. Customizing a piece of jewelry for someone else (especially without their knowledge) is another matter entirely. A loved one’s taste in jewelry is very personal and it will require some clever information gathering on your part to get it right, but if and when you do, the payoff is that much greater. 

Personalized Jewelry is often just as difficult as customizing jewelry. Personalizing your jewelry is something that you usually do for yourself; putting your own stamp on it, so to speak. It is not always easy to fire up the imagination in the way that you hope. You could have your initials stamped on the jewelry, or a favorite mark to indicate it is yours. Below you will find some helpful info to kick-start your imagination.

Custom Made Jewelry is often the way to go when your imagination doesn’t come up with ideas that you can easily apply to your jewelry. Custom made jewelry offers you the opportunity to design and/or adapt jewelry pieces to suit your desires and personality. Federal Way Custom Jewelers are always at the forefront when it comes to helping customers design or adapt their jewelry in a tasteful and elegant fashion.

Customizing Jewelry • Personalized Jewelry • Custom Made Jewelry by Federal Way Custom Jewelers

One of the most popular requests we receive is to customize or personalize a piece of jewelry for a close friend, relative or loved one. This is not an easy task. However, we have years of experience in this field and are very happy to talk with our customers to help satisfy their needs. Nothing is too much trouble and our aim is satisfy our customers’ needs.

If you would like to personalize a piece of jewelry for a loved one, or someone dear to you, Federal Way Custom Jewelers have years of experience working closely with our clients to attain the excellence in customizing jewelry for our clients and their loved ones. When selecting a customization for a loved one – without their knowledge and with the intention of surprising them – there are certain things you might need to know to ensure they will be very happy with their surprise customization.

Here are a few tips to consider when designing the perfect custom piece of jewelry for a loved one.

Customizing Jewelry For Loved Ones – How To Get It Right For Them

Pay Attention to What They Wear

Take note of what kinds of jewelry they already wear and own. You’d look foolish if you ended up buying a pair of earrings for someone who doesn’t even have their ears pierced, or if you bought a bracelet for a loved one who hates wearing things on their wrists. 

Customizing Jewelry • Personalized Jewelry • Custom Made Jewelry by Federal Way Custom Jewelers

Keep a small list on your phone or in your head that includes:

  • What kind of metals they wear. If you don’t know, note the metal color
  • What types of jewelry they wear (necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.)
  • Gemstones they prefer
  • Are the pieces that they are wearing simple or ornate?

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask them about their preferences – just be sly about it. Don’t ask so many questions that they become suspicious.

Explore Their Social Media

Instagram and Pinterest pages make great sources of information – especially if they have a Pinterest board. These will give you clear insight into their likes and dislikes. Instagram and Facebook photos often showcase the images that people want to see. Look for images with jewelry in them and note any patterns you may see. You may get lucky enough to know exactly what to design without even talking about it. 

Discuss Allergies

Some people are allergic to specific types of metals. If you’re unsure, find a way to bring up your allergies in common conversation. After sharing, ask them if they have any allergies as well. If they begin talking about how their skin breaks out anytime they wear silver, now you know.

Conversations About Customizing Jewelry

Continue sharing information about colors or gems that you like with the intention of getting your loved one to tell you their likes and dislikes. If you’re freely offering up the information, they will usually respond in kind. You can learn a lot from these conversations. If you begin talking about opals, and they express an obsession for sapphires, you’re going in the right direction. 

Determining a Ring Size

Customizing Jewelry • Personalized Jewelry • Custom Made Jewelry by Federal Way Custom Jewelers

Figuring out someone’s ring size without giving away that you’re customizing jewelry for them is especially tricky. Common ring sizes for women range from size 3 to 9, with size 6 being the most common. For men, rings range between size 8 to 10.5, with size 9 being the most common. Here’s how to measure your ring size:

  1. Wrap string around the base of your finger
  2. Use a marker to mark where the string is about to overlap
  3. Measure the string in millimeters with a ruler
  4. Pick the closest measurement on a ring size chart

It’ll be difficult to measure this without immediately tipping off the person you’re buying a ring for. Instead, have a friend or family member ask on your behalf to reduce suspicion. Speaking of friends and family…

Ask Their Friends and Family

Turning to friends and family is probably the fastest and easiest way to determine what jewelry designs your loved one is into. The only downside is that now more people are in on the secret, so make sure the person(s) you ask isn’t going to spill the beans!

Customizing Jewelry • Personalized Jewelry • Custom Made Jewelry by Federal Way Custom Jewelers

By following one or more of these suggestions,you will be well on your way to creating a custom piece of jewelry that the one you care about is going to love.

Contact Us for help in customizing a piece of jewelry for one of your loved ones. Absolutley no obligation whatsoever!

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