Cluster Engagement Ring Featuring Red Spinel Gemstone

Cluster Engagement Ring Featuring Red Spinel Gemstone

One of a Kind and Unique
Cluster Engagement Rings are a good way to choose a “unique ring” in today’s modern jewelry marketplace. Many brides-to-be feel that a ClusterEngagement Ring is going to have the “one of a kind” feel to it. And she may be quite right in several senses. First, in her social circle she is unlikely to ever see the very same ring, therefore retaining its uniqueness. So if you are of the unique and one of a kind type of person, then a Cluster Engagement Ring might be for you.

Styles of Cluster Engagement Rings
There are two styles of cluster engagement ring. One style features a few different gemstones in varying cuts and colors. The other kind features a cluster of smaller stones that are assembled and set to resemble one larger stone. Cluster rings are often chosen because they are not really traditional – when compared to diamonds and other solitaire gemstones. And by choosing the cluster style you would indeed be creating something unique – to an extent.

Vintage Style Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring Set in White Gold

Vintage Style Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring Set in White Gold

Cluster Diamond Rings
Often receive and attract lots of attention. The smaller stones do tend to complement each other and often add a little extra sparkle. The character and styling of the cluster ring design tends to make them more popular for those bride-to-be seeking some form of uniqueness. Diamond cluster rings often exude a feeling of being vintage, which in itself is a form of uniqueness. However, cluster rings do not have to have diamonds; many are sought after with varying colors and cuts of other gemstones. Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds etc. are all a popular choice for a unique looking cluster engagement ring.

In general, Cluster Engagement Rings tend to be less expensive than Diamond Solitaire rings, and often it comes down to personal choice: diamond solitaire rings for tradition engagement rings and cluster engagement rings for the non traditional and unique look. As with any ring, the price depends on the diamond quality, carat weight and precious metal.

Here at Federal Way Customer Jewelers
We can offer many choices is you are leaning towards cluster rings. Not only can we offer a varied selection, we can also customize and personalize your ring which would guarantee a uniqueness and one of a kind cluster engagement ring. Remember, we have been at this – as a family business – since 1955.

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