Here is a typical Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Here is a typical Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Engagement Rings have become very popular in recent years, but they are actually one of the earliest known engagement rings known! To make gold more durable, we alloy the pure gold with other metals- but this can also change its color. Eastern European and Russian jewelers, starting in the 1700s, had easy access to copper which they used to alloy their gold. Thus the 14k and 18k rose gold from Georgian and Victorian times, especially from Eastern Europe, has a lovely rosy hue. Some of this gold is so pink that it is lovingly known as red gold! Even in places where copper was less common, like Great Britain and France, small amounts of copper would find their way into alloys, giving a lovely rosy hue to some of the oldest and finest pieces we see.

We see fewer Edwardian and Art Deco Rose Gold rings, since rose gold fell out of favor by 1900, when brassy yellow gold and icy-white platinum became the metals de jour. But by the 1940’s, the Second World War was again forcing jewelers to use unusual materials in their rings. The retro engagement rings of the 1940s are often cast in rose gold, accented with other metals to provide contrast, then set with small colored stones like rubied and sapphires to make bold ring designs. The love of rose gold made a third, and we believe permanent, return to popularity around ten years ago. Clients started falling in love with the soft pink hues of the gold, but also how the rose gold could accentuate certain Diamonds, or some colored gemstones (rose gold morganite rings and rose gold teal sapphire rings became instant classics). Even in these newly made rose gold rings, we have made many vintage-inspired or Victorian flavored engagement rings mounted in rose gold. 

Nowadays rose gold is a permanent part of our engagement ring display, especially in the vintage and antique cases. These pieces are a bit rarer that classic yellow or white gold antique rings, since fewer of them were made. Additionally, the rose gold tends to be a bit softer, so rings worn for generations are less likely to survive in fine condition in rose gold than other metals. Fortunately, many of the rose gold rings we see are set with white gold or platinum prongs holding the Diamonds, which make them last much longer. Every antique rose gold engagement ring we sell has been fully refurbished and restored before being sold, and thus comes with our same 1 year warranty as new items. We also have a line of custom designed, newly made ring mountings, both in stock and designed for you, cast in rose gold, but finished with filigree, hand engraving, and other period details pulled from authentic antiques, for rose gold ring lovers who can’t find their perfect vintage ring.

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