A Mid 20th Century Pink Tourmaline Cocktail Ring

Rasperry-pink 8ct Oval Tourmaline Engagement Ring Circa 1960s

Pink Tourmaline Rings: A pink tourmaline, or any tourmaline gemstone for that matter, is an excellent choice to set in your engagement ring. They are very affordable in today’s jewelry market, and there is a fair chance you can select a tourmaline gemstone that will make your engagement ring unique- and you can personalize the ring to guarantee its uniqueness.

Natural Tourmalines are available in any color and can even show more than one color in a single gemstone. Green is the most popular color among tourmalines, however, the pink-to-red tourmalines run a close second. Their crystals can grow quite large, and are found around the world, so Pink Tourmaline is relatively available, other than in particularly fine quality. This good news for those looking for a pink Tourmaline engagement ring! 

Pink Tourmaline gemstones can occur in every shade of pink! Magenta Tourmaline? Check. Hot Pink Tourmaline? Check. Baby Pink Tourmaline? Check. Peach Tourmaline? Check. When the color approaches red, the pink Tourmalines can also be called Rubellite Tourmaline, since they can mimic rubies in appearance. Each Tourmaline is unique, and is sure to complement most metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. We often sell Pink Tourmalines in solitaires when they are larger, but small to mid size Tourmalines look good accented with Diamonds. We have created a wide variety of Tourmaline rings of every style and also stock vintage Pink Tourmaline pieces. We have over 100 loose pink Tourmalines in stock! 

Hot Pink Tourmaline Wedding Set

Princess Cut Hot Pink Tourmaline in White Gold Engagement Ring with Framing Bands

Pink tourmaline is often a jeweler’s favorite stone and presents an excellent option for a an engagement ring. When shopping for pink Tourmaline rings, one of the most important factors is the quality of the pink tourmaline. Your jeweler should explain that the more vivid the pink and the brighter it is, the more valuable the Tourmaline gemstone will be. Pink tourmalines generally have one or two inclusions, and since they are a type III gemstone, these are totally acceptable so long as they don’t detract from the beauty of the gem. The key to a beautiful Tourmaline ring is in the cutting, and at Federal Way Custom Jewelers we source only the finest material, with precision cutting. In fact, we often have our Tourmalines re-cut to make sure that each one has maximum sparkle and impact on the hand. We are happy to advise our clients on how to select a gem and how to determine the quality and value of pink Tourmaline. 

Pink Tourmaline Meaning: A tourmaline gemstone is thought to be a stone of artistic expression and creativity- no matter which shape, size or color you choose. We also hear that the last Empress of China had an obsession for pink Tourmaline gemstones and had them on her pillow hoping for good dreams to occur. Today, historically, most Tourmalines come from Brazil, though the famed Chinese Empress’s tourmalines were mined in southern California, and today most of our Tourmaline is coming from East Africa- Nigeria is a particularly important source of pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is almost always natural or gently heat treated, so it is often worn as a healing gemstone and by natural gemstone collectors. 

Tourmaline is the October birthstone and the 8th anniversary gem, too!

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