Morganite Halo Ring with 10ct Oval Morganite

Rose Gold Engagement Ring with 10ct Oval Morganite and Diamonds

Morganite Engagement Rings: Morganite Rings are the most popular pink and peach engagement rings we sell!

Morganite occurs in every shade of pastel pink, peach, and rose. Prior to 2010, the only Morganites known were pink and quite scarce, but new sources in Africa are producing orangey-pink (peach) hued gems that are stunning, and very popular among women! We source each Morganite individually, such that we have a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and colors and each one has great saturation – none of the pale Morganites here! Our collection of Morganite gemstones are priced from $50 for smaller stones to $2500 for 10ct+ examples, with every price point in between. 

Do Morganites make good engagement Rings? Yes! Morganite occurs in larger sizes at affordable price points, which makes an impressive ring more affordable. Additionally, Morganite if a very brilliant gemstone (a cousin of equally brilliant Aquamarine in the Beryl family) and is durable enough for everyday wear. As with any colored gemstone engagement ring, we encourage our clients to keep their rings insured, wear them with some care, and keep them clean if they want them to sparkle the most. That said, Morganite make great rings, and are a wonderful Diamond alternative. 

How do we design Morganite Rings? We will make any Morganite ring a client can imagine! Typically, we encourage our clients to design the ring setting around the center gemstone. This often means working with rose gold, since it accentuates the peach and pink tones perfectly, or for more saturated stones we recommend white gold which contrasts against the Morganite’s color. We make Morganite solitaire rings, but we also set them with Diamond accents for a neutral accent, and with other colored gemstones for fun. As a custom shop, we can make a custom Morganite engagement ring just for you!

Exceptional Untreated Nigerian Morganite Pear Diamond 1920x590px

Morganite Engagement Ring with untreated Nigerian Morganite Pear shape in rose and white gold ring mounting.

Morganite Meaning: Morganite has a fascinating history. Back in the day, one of Tiffany’s gemologists thought that this rare rose-colored gemstone deserved a name all of its own, and he proposed that it should be named after financier and gem collector J.P. Morgan of banking fame, since he had financed the gem exploration trip in which Morganite was discovered. As a relative new comer to the gemstone world, Morganite is most known among gemstone collectors or those who love pastel pink rings! Thus it is not a birthstone, nor does it have any known history past the early 1900s. We encourage clients making Morganite engagement rings to make their own history with this magical gemstone. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about Morganite Engagement Rings and Gemstones. This would be a good time to check out our Morganite prices and products in our online store, or schedule a visit to view our selection of Morganite. 

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