Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring on a Thin Diamond Shank

Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring on a Thin Diamond Shank

Moissanite Engagement Rings – Oval & Rose Gold: Moissanite is fast becoming a popular alternative to diamonds when selecting a gemstone for your engagement ring. Why is this? Well, moissanite is almost identical to a diamond when you look at it. However, it isn’t a diamond but it does have similar properties. Even some jewelry professionals have trouble distinguishing between the two gemstones. On average the moissanite gemstone are much less expensive than the diamond counterpart. Some say it is up to 90% cheaper and therefore it becomes a really good alternative to the diamond if you cannot afford the prices of today’s diamonds. The savings in cost are the most common reason for brides-to-be choosing moissanite over the diamond engagement ring. Moreover, moissanite is a very hard and durable gemstone, and looking just like a diamond to the naked eye of most people, therefore it becomes a source of serious savings to the engaged couple with the bride-to-be getting a beautiful, sparkly rock on her left hand and unknown to others it is moissanite and not a diamond, for a fraction of the price that a diamond gemstone ring would . And you would be getting a more brilliant gemstone to boot! You will be the only person that knows.

As well as the cost savings of the moissanite gemstone, another advantage is that you can get a much larger stone than you could if purchasing a diamond engagement ring. For instance, if you couldn’t afford the price of, say, a 1.5 carat diamond, you would almost certainly be able to get the equivalent – or more – by choosing moissanite for your engagement ring. And because of your choice of moissanite, you might well be able to afford a couple more items to complete a matching set. Wow, what a deal that would be! You could end up buying a Moissanite engagement ring, moissanite wedding band, necklace and earrings that all complement each other for less than the proverbial diamond engagement ring. It would be a material loss in some senses, but what a set of alternatives. You could be walking out of Federal Way Custom Jewelers a very happy girl. After all, we are in the business of making people happy.

18k rose gold round moissanite engagement ring 5.JPG

Moissanite 18K Gold Engagement Ring

Another little tit-bit we found was out of Emory University who had conducted a series of surveys and feedback type stuff, and they have concluded that couple who choose to spend LESS on rings tend to stay together longer. We think the thinking behind this is if you are a little more careful and frugal with your choices of engagement and wedding rings, you may be starting a level of frugality that stretches into the future for the couple. Many folks tend to think… let’s get the rings and worry about the cost of them later. Comparing the former couple with the latter, we can form an opinion that Emory might be right.

In reality, you don’t need to have fancy engagement and wedding rings to impress others. If money is no object, then fine have at it, but in general money is an object to modern brides- and bridegrooms-to-be, and the quality, however fancy or plain-looking, should only matter to the couple wearing them and not to other people.

Meaning of Moissanite Gemstones: Many people feel that because of the supposed strength and hardness of a moissanite gemstone is proffers an unbreakable love between the engaged or married couple. Many jewelers tend to know that value and advantages of moissanite gemstones and keep a pretty good selection in stock for the discerning engaged couples. Moissanite is thought to bring good luck into your lives and certainly awakes hidden potential for the engaged couple. We would add “hopefully” to the end of this.

Moissanite Birthstone: Moissanite gemstones share the birthstone month of April with the well-known diamond.

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