Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring on a Thin Diamond Shank

Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring on a Thin Diamond Shank

Moissanite Engagement Rings – Oval Moissanite is fast becoming a popular alternative to Diamonds in engagement rings. Why choose Moissanite? Sparkle of course! Moissanite is almost identical to a Diamond visually and chemically, at a more affordable price, especially in the Oval shape. Even some jewelry professionals have trouble distinguishing between the two gemstones.

On average the Moissanite gemstone is much less expensive than the Diamond counterpart, while offering similar brilliance and durability. We are a Charles & Colvard preferred retailer, selling only the finest lab grown Moissanite gemstones with lifetime warranties, and even these are generally 90% less than comparable Diamonds. The savings in cost are the most common reason for brides-to-be choosing Moissanite over the diamond engagement ring. For this reason, brides wanting a large oval Diamond engagement ring, but without a large budget, will often turn to Moissanite as an alternative.

One advantage of Moissanite is that you can get a much larger stone than you could if purchasing a Diamond engagement ring. Many clients with the budget for a 1/2ct Diamond can get get a 2ct Moissanite! We offer two options in the Oval shape, in a variety of sizes. Charles & Colvard makes a classic oval, with proportions similar to most Oval Diamonds (like 7x5mm, or 10x8mm). We also offer an elongated Oval cut, which is almost a hybrid between a Marquise and an Oval, which can offer a more modern feel (think 5x8mm or 7x11mm). We offer oval Moissanite in sizes from 1/2ct up to 5ct and can source them overnight, with extra large ovals available by special order. Most sizes are available in the Forever One colorless and near colorless versions, and all are VS clarity or better, with excellent precision cutting. 

rose gold moissanite solitaire ring with 3ct oval colorless moissanite 9.JPG

Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring with 3ct Oval Charles & Colvard Forever One Colorless Moissanite

What are people doing with their Oval Moissanites? The world is their oyster! We have made fabulous custom ring mountings for Oval Moissanite center stones, and we have also set Oval Moissanite Solitaires, and everything in between. We encourage our clients to come in and view oval Moissanites in person, and choose the size and shape they prefer first. From there, we can work with the client to choose the perfect setting for their Moissanite. Some want something vintage, some want simple elegance, other want a modern masterpiece. There is no right or wrong, simply a matter of taste and budget. 

For clients looking to shop our oval Moissanites, we always have at least one option in stock- but we can order in other shapes, sizes and qualities overnight! If you schedule an appointment, we are happy to order in some additional Moissanite for you to view during your visit. We also stock Lab Grown Diamonds (aka Synthetic Diamonds) as a midway option between Moissanite and Natural Diamonds. 

Many of our clients choose Moissanite as a lifetime gemstone, which it certainly is. However, for those who think they may want to someday trade up to a natural Diamond, we offer a lifetime trade-up policy- see us for details. That said, our rings are made to last a lifetime and be a beautiful testament of your marriage for years to come. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about Moissanite Engagement Rings. This would be a good time to check out our prices and Moissanite Gemstone products in our online store, or contact us to schedule a viewing of Oval Moissanite Rings. 

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