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This vintage inspired ring is set with a mint Aquamarine with Deco-inspired filigree sides.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings are a FWC Jewelers specialty, combining the charm and detail of a vintage engagement ring with the modern manufacturing skill and durability of a modern creation. As discussed in a previous Vintage Jewelry article, we carry a wide variety of period Antique and Vintage engagement rings in a variety of styles. But antique engagement rings are rare! So as with any vintage dealer, our clients are limited to the selection in our cases and our ability to source a ring they love. So what happens if they don’t see the perfect ring?

Enter Vintage Styled Engagement Rings: we don’t want our clients to settle. We want our clients to find their dream engagement ring, and our buyers to have confidence in the ring they select. While we are proud of our selection, we know we don’t have the vintage ring for everyone. Many clients see elements of rings they like- they may fall in love with the halo in a Victorian gold engagement ring, but are also drawn to the gallery work in a filigreed Art Deco engagement ring. Our custom design team is uniquely qualified to replicate antiques and create new, vintage inspired rings to suit these needs. 

Why choose a vintage inspired custom ring? The primary reason to choose to custom design a ring is that the design options are limitless, and you can create (or re-create) a dream ring. However, there are other more practical considerations. For example, most antique engagement rings were cast in yellow gold, though many modern buyers want white metal engagement rings. Additionally, many clients want a ring in good condition that they can wear on a daily basis as their wedding ring. While we sell only antiques in good condition, many of which we have restored in-house, some antiques have special wear and care requirements and need more gentleness than a newly made ring. Lastly, the choices available in terms of gemstones and scale are different today than 100 years ago. Most Victorian and Deco rings were made in small ring sizes (3 to 6) with center stones under 1/2ct, primarily set with Diamonds and sapphires. The reality is that modern tastes and scales have changed. A vintage reproduction ring can be made in any ring size, with any shape and size of center stone, in a wide variety of options. 

Attention to the details: one of the best reasons to choose a vintage styled engagement ring, or to design your own antique inspired engagement ring, is the detail to be found in modern reproductions. Many master craftsmen working pre-1920s added amazing filigree, engraving, milgrain and other details to accentuate their creations. However, with time, some of this detail wears away or is lost in repairs. Additionally, those whose detail is intact and pristine often come with a premium price tag due to rarity and demand. Modern jewelers working to reproduce antiques can recreate these details. We have created rings with filigree to mimic a ring a client’s grandmother wore; we have added engraving to look like a favorite flower; we have set accent stones to represent a couple’s children, specifically set in and among the diamond accents. As the modern day master craftsmen, we are keeping these details alive, and adding them whenever possible. Many of our favorite projects are ornate, made for antique lovers who want to see the fine details come to life. 

Custom Floral Scroll Twotone Gold Wedding Set with Oval Diamond 5.JPG

Custom vintage inspired scroll work wedding set with Oval diamond center in two tone gold.

For clients fortunate to have an heirloom ring or diamond, we are happy to consult you on how to make your heirloom wearable for the next generation. Some heirlooms need a light cleaning and are ready to be worn; others need a full restoration. Some clients inherit just the Diamond (from grandma’s wedding ring maybe?) and want to mount it in a period-correct ring, that will both do the Diamond justice as well as make the wearer fall in love with their ring. The opportunities for antique reproduction and custom designs inspired by vintage designs are truly endless, and made more meaningful if we are using a client’s items in the project. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article outlining the ins and outs of Vintage Engagement Rings. This would be a good time to check out our prices and vintage engagement rings in our online store.

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