Amethyst Engagement Ring Solitaire Style

Oval African Amethyst 3-stone Engagement Ring

Amethyst Engagement Rings: One of the most popular colors of all the gemstones is purple, so clients also tend to love purple Amethyst rings. Amethysts are one of the more commonly encountered gemstones and can be found quite affordably in smaller sizes and lighter colors. But Amethyst can occur in every shade of purple, including rare deep violet Amethyst, as well as gems with blue or red flashes which are quite coveted today. 

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz mineral family, and is durable enough for everyday wear in an engagement ring so long as they are worn with care. With a protective setting and insurance, you have no issues. In fact, Amethysts are one of the ancient gemstones and have been worn since antiquity. As recently as the 1800s, the Amethyst was only permitted to be worn by Royalty or Bishops, and they were very rare. They were thought of as a luxury, and sold at prices exceeding any other gemstone! Changing society and new discoveries of Amethyst in South America made the gemstone more affordable and into reach of everyday citizens. 

Amethyst Engagement Rings:  Amethysts make some of the most impressive rings we sell. Since Amethyst occurs in larger crystals, we are able to sell large Amethysts, and lapidaries can cut them into unique and beautiful cuts. Federal Way Custom Jewelers is known for the quality of our Amethyst. While we sell light and medium toned purple Amethysts, we are particularly known for the dark purple Amethyst that is so coveted. Once known as Siberian Amethyst, we now source most of these gems from Morocco and Bolivia, and take care to find gems with blue and red secondary hues. These gems look great in rings of any color metal, and the cool tone of the Amethyst can look amazing with Diamond accents. We always have Amethyst rings in stock, both vintage items as well as custom designs, and would be happy to make something for you, too. The best part: the finest examples rarely exceed $1000 in price (for the gemstone)! 

edwardian platinum topped gold pear amethyst engagement ring 6.JPG

Edwardian Amethyst & Diamond Engagement Ring with Rare Deep Color

Amethyst Birthstone & Amethyst Meaning: The Amethyst is the birthstone of February, as such we sell many Amethyst pendants and Amethyst Earrings in addition to the rings. 

Amethysts are said to strengthen personal relationships and offer courage and clarity to those who wear them. Amethysts are thought to be natural tranquilizers and help with the relief of pain and stress. Also it is thought to balance mood swings and alleviate anger and anxiety. A beautiful amethyst engagement ring will make the perfect symbol for your special someone. It is also said that anyone who desires honor and good health, wealth and fame should wear this stone. The amethyst is also thought to resist drunkenness. However, this might be expecting a little much.

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