Vintage and Antique Jewelry: you hear us talk about the Vintage & Antique Jewelry in our estate cases all the time. But what is antique jewelry anyway? And what makes a ring vintage? What’s in the estate cases? In modern jewelry and appraising terminology: 

Vintage Jewelry is used to describe any pre-owned item more than 50 years old. For our purposes, that means items from the Mid Century Era and earlier. 

Antique Jewelry refers to any original Antique piece of jewelry 100 years old or more. Based on year 2022, this means Art Deco items, Edwardian pieces, Victorian pieces, Georgian rarities, and pieces going back through antiquity. 

Estate Jewelry refers to any pre-owned jewelry that does not fall into the above categories. Think of used items, made post 1975, or from an unknown era. Maybe the item is an amalgamation of several other pieces, changing the original character, thus no longer being an original antique, but still a used item. 

Period Jewelry refers to any antique or vintage item from a specific era or design period. Through a combination of hallmarks, signatures, design elements, manufacturing techniques used, and other hints, we can date pieces quite accurately. If they belong to a particular era; we call them by that name and refer to them as a period item. Example: a starburst pendant set with seed pearls in gold, circa 1890, would be an antique Victorian period brooch. 

At Federal Way Custom Jewelers, we always have Vintage Jewelry and Antique items in stock, whether it be old jewelry boxes, antique rings, vintage necklaces, period pendants, vintage earrings, bracelets and more. And if you are actively seeking vintage jewelry of any sort, may we invite you to contact us so we can advise you on the various styles of vintage jewelry and what we have in stock at that time. Our renowned ‘Antique & Estate Cases’ are always brimming with antique and vintage treasures of every type imaginable, to suit every occasion and budget. 

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