Celebrate your uniqueness and individuality with custom jewelry. 

While rings are often customized, you shouldn’t limit yourself to getting creative with what goes on your fingers. There are plenty of ingenious ways to tailor a bracelet, necklace, or even earrings to fit a look or match your personality. Here are a couple of fun, standout ways to express your individuality through custom jewelry:



You wouldn’t think that a metal piece around your wrist could be so unique. However, when it comes to bracelets, you’re only limited by your own imagination. Consider rearranging links or mix-matching colors that echo your mood or personality. 

You can also swap beads for charms that hold special meaning to you. For example, if you love to travel, consider creating a charm bracelet with each bead signifying a place that you’ve traveled to or wish to visit again. Then, every time you look at your wrist, you can reminiscence the many amazing moments you experienced in Bali, Rome, or wherever else you went. 

Engravings are one of the most popular bracelet customizations – especially on the interior. Get creative with the real estate you have available. Instead of simply engraving a loved one’s name into the bracelet, consider writing a short, secret message or phrase. You could also include the coordinates of where you first met or a date that signifies an important milestone in your life. 

Also, don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one bracelet. Wear several complimentary bracelets at once, or even consider intertwining two or three of them and clash different colors or styles.  



Custom necklaces are growing in popularity. While traditional necklaces remain the most popular option, don’t hesitate to play with the length of a necklace to give your outfit a new look. Jewelry Talk has compiled a size chart to help you determine where necklaces in varying lengths will place on your body. Chains typically vary anywhere from collar length (14 inches) to opera lengths (28 – 36 inches), which reside on or slightly below the bust. You can even buy a rope necklace (36 – 42 inches) and double wrap it, which then gives you two different lengths to play with in the same necklace! 

Chains are hugely popular right now and, depending on whom you ask, the bigger the better! Also, If you’re looking to add an extra splash of personality, consider adding a striking custom pendant. Pendants make for great conversation starters and can tell a story all on their own. 



Earrings are more popular than they’ve been in a long time. As virtual meetings have become commonplace, earrings are an excellent way to frame your face and add a little class or style to your look (and no one else needs to know that you’re still wearing sweatpants). 

While there isn’t a whole lot of real estate to play with, you can make the most of your earrings by customizing different backings, including pendants, hoops, or pearls – which are hugely popular right now. Also, don’t hesitate to be bold and try just a singular earring. Those are back in style as well. 


Custom Jewelry

While some jewelry trends come and go, custom jewelry adds another layer of meaning to your pieces and gives them a unique, timeless feel for you to enjoy. Get creative and explore some new styles. If you can think, we can usually make it happen.