About FWCJ

Rene Criss became the owner and manager of Federal Way Custom Jewelers in 1981, purchasing the business from the family who founded it in 1955. Federal Way Custom Jewelers is still a family operated business and it remains today the oldest continuously operating jewelry store in the region. 

As the store’s primary buyer and creative force, Rene personally meets with cutters from around the world every six months and chooses each individual stone for its unique beauty.

It is our mission to expose our clients to the world’s finest sapphires of every color, deep blue/purple tanzanite, extraordinary opals, a rainbow of colors in garnet, spinel and all the rarest stones that are not available in the malls and chain stores.  As a result, we have been blessed with success and a well earned reputation for high quality jewelry.  Rene, and all of the staff at Federal Way Custom Jewelers, take special pleasure in getting to know his client’s preferences, so that he can buy stones and design special pieces that match those preferences perfectly.

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