Our Custom Design Process

If you can’t find what you want in our case, or if you are looking for a very specific item, the custom design process may be a good fit for you. We will work with you to design, create, and perfect your dream item. All of our custom pieces are made in-house and produced by one of our trusted goldsmiths for the best in design and quality. Click on the below links and explore our gallery to view images of past custom work or to watch custom-design CAD videos!

The Custom Design Process

We create custom jewelry through two different methods. The first service we offer is the old-school lost-wax casting process. In this method, we draw a design by hand then a wax mold is hand carved based on this design, and the mold is then used to cast the item in the chosen metal. This process works best for more simple designs or for pieces that require custom finish work to be done by hand. The second service we offer is a more modern counterpart using computer aided design (CAD) software. In this process, we use a computer to generate a sketch of the item, then 3D printers and laths are used to make the wax, and finally it is cast using state-of-the-art equipment and finished by hand. This process works best for complex designs, or for those who want the option to view an "image" of the item before we carve the wax. Both processes produce excellent results, and it is often up to the designer you work with to choose which process will work best in a given circumstance.

How Does It Work?

1: Schedule A Free Design Consultation

Bring us your ideas, wish list, and photos of things you like; and be inspired by designs and gems we have on hand. Our designers can give advice and work collaboratively with you to hone your ideas into a workable design!

2: We Develop A Drawing And Wax Of Your Item

We will work with you until the drawing accurately reflects your desired piece. Once perfected, we will provide you with a price quote, and if it works within your budget we will then complete a wax mold for you to view in person. This wax may be carved by hand, or printed from a CAD file. After any editing and fine tuning is complete, you will approve the wax, and we will create the piece. 

3: We Create Your Design

Once the wax and quote have been approved our craftsman make your item. The process begins by first casting the piece in the metal of your choosing, then the casting is cleaned and polished into its final shape. At that point each gemstone is set by hand, and metal work is completed, such as rhodium plating or matte finishes. Once you approve the final piece we will send it to an independent appraiser so that you can insure your cherished item.